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We started with this site because we still haven't found a good site with all the pictures in a row. We live in the Netherlands and study on the  secondary school in the province Utrecht. At school we do not spent a lot of time on photography. It's just our hobby. Furthermore, we spent a lot of time on computers. And of course.... WE LOVE FASHION! The perfect combination: Pictures + fashion + technology! We hope you all enjoy our site!

We just want to make it easy! 


This creation is all started by some people who are very interested in photography and pictures. We do not only make pictures, we also look on the internet to find the prettiest pictures and upload them here! 

Our users

Our users are important for us. We really want to make the best out of it and keep people happy. So, if you have a suggestion or youwant to say something you cna post something in our guestbook or send us an e-mail!

We try as hard as we can to make this site more and more interesting for our users.