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20/02/2013 19:04

Today I'm gonna show you some really wanted things that look pretty cute. I got them all except from the 'Guess Girl' from I found some stuff from this site on the internet and in magazines like 'Cosmo Girl' (Dutch Magazine) I tried to add as much information as I could find! 




Sweet Earphone Ice Cream pink For Ipod and MP player (Length 120 cm) At Silly. Chocolate calculator brown PVC 11 x 6 x 1cm Silly. Photo frame & white board All in One black plastic W. marker. Photo size: 8 x 8cm. L. 23cm, H. 18,5cm Silly. Wall Clock Paris Skyline MDF Set of 3, 35 x 35cm, Excl. 1AA batt., KarlssonPhoto frame Collection Box wood For 6 photos of: 3 pcs 10 x 15cm, 3 pcs 13 x 18cm PtGuess Girl parfum. To buy at many places. Wall clock Mirror Diamond w. pink hands D. 40cm. Excl. 1 AA batt. Wanted.

I Hope you've found this nice and maybe want to buy something? I really like the Earphones with an Ice cream design. You can also buy them as little CupCakes with Strawberries. They are cute as well. Have a look on go immediatly to the little earphones: