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Magazines cover pages

22/02/2013 12:23

We all know some popular magazines like Cosmopolitan. Don't you sometimes think: How do they make that cover? or I also want to make such a nice cover! Actually I do. Today I'm gonna show you how to start and make one. First, some magazine covers for inspiration:

You can see they all look similar. Usually magazines start bij adding a background that has one colour. They do that so you can still read everything and people will look at he cover model. So, first step, a one colour background. I chose for a white one like the 3 here above. 

The 2nd step is to add the titel of the Magazine. Here for example COSMOPOLITAN. It should be a colour that is good seen on teh background. I chose a purple/pink logo so you eople could see it immediatly. Then it's time for the cover model. It can be a man, woman, baby, child, plant, car everything you like. The cover model has to make the magazine exciting to read. The model can overlap the logo but it don't have to. I chose to don't do that. 

Next, the 3th step is to add all the text you want on a cover. From the cover people have to get an idea what is written in it. It has to be attractive. To make it interesting you can change fonts and change the colours. Nothing is wrong!

The last step is to add the issue number and make the finishing off. You can add some pictures and maybe the price.

This is a 2 minutes made example just to show you how it works! Thanks for reading and have fun with experimenting! Maybe you have to do this for school... show your classmates how to do it easy!