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28-02-2013 17:19

Hi! Sorry for not posting anything but I was really busy with school... This week as well by the way. Well, let's start with a post about Nailpolish. I really like it. It look cool and you can design whatever you want! 

First, I'm gonna show you a cool page on Youtube with all sorts of lovely designed nails. Cutepolish: Their designs are amazing and funny to try. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

(One of my favorite ones!)

Further I'm gonna show you in steps how to make this: 'Rainbow Water Marmble.' It's nailpolish but then with the use of water. 

1) Start by filling some water in a little box.

2) Drop the nailpolish in it.

3) Do it color after color!

4) Wrap your finger in with sticky tape. 

5) Put your finger in the water.

6) Clean the Nailpolish while your finger is in the water.

7) Get your finger out of it and get the sticky tape off.

8) Let it dry.

9) Add a Topcoat.