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28/02/2013 17:19
Hi! Sorry for not posting anything but I was really busy with school... This week as well by the way. Well, let's start with a post about Nailpolish. I really like it. It look cool and you can design whatever you want!  First, I'm gonna show you a cool page on Youtube with all sorts of lovely...

Apps to love

23/02/2013 18:53
Hi guys! Today an article about Apps. I want to show you some nice Apps, so you can have fun. :) I'm always searching for new Apps, because when I'm bored I need something new and I'm 24/7 on my mobile so....  Of course this blog is mainly about fashion so... 3 nice fashion apps!  Fashion...

Magazines cover pages

22/02/2013 12:23
We all know some popular magazines like Cosmopolitan. Don't you sometimes think: How do they make that cover? or I also want to make such a nice cover! Actually I do. Today I'm gonna show you how to start and make one. First, some magazine covers for inspiration: You can see they all look similar....

New Look in BLUE

21/02/2013 11:15
We all want summer with no rain, nice wather and summer clothes! New Look has got very nice clothes in the theme 'BLUE'. I really wanted to show their clothes so.... Enjoy!   Purple Dip Hem Bandeau Dress    £9.99  Blue Mesh Stripe Keyhole T-Shirt ...


20/02/2013 19:04
Today I'm gonna show you some really wanted things that look pretty cute. I got them all except from the 'Guess Girl' from I found some stuff from this site on the internet and in magazines like 'Cosmo Girl' (Dutch Magazine) I tried to add as much information as I could...


20/02/2013 11:31
WIN THIS CONTEST! Our first contest is online NOW! What do you have to do? Send a selfmade picture to I does not matter what is on the picture. The 2 best ones I will post here on the front page so you can vote which one isthe best. The best one will be on the logo of all...


19/02/2013 16:30
Hi everyone, You can follow us from now on on We Heart It. On this site we post a lot of pictures but to show you some more you can follow us on We Heart It. It's really easy and you can start collecting pictures by yourself. It's easy so why do you wait longer and read this! Follow us and start...


18/02/2013 15:09
  Hello guys, As an introduction of this site we will start with showing some inspiration sources. There are a lot of sources like magazines and pages on the internet. People have even made their job out of photography. It's one of the most popular things on earth. Can you imagine how many...

First blog

18/02/2013 14:20
Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.
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