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28/02/2013 17:19

Hi! Sorry for not posting anything but I was really busy with school... This week as well by the way. Well, let's start with a post about Nailpolish. I really like it. It look cool and you can design whatever you want! 

First, I'm gonna show you a cool page on Youtube with all sorts of lovely designed nails. Cutepolish: Their designs are amazing and funny to try. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

(One of my favorite ones!)

Further I'm gonna show you in steps how to make this: 'Rainbow Water Marmble.' It's nailpolish but then with the use of water. 

1) Start by filling some water in a little box.

2) Drop the nailpolish in it.

3) Do it color after color!

4) Wrap your finger in with sticky tape. 

5) Put your finger in the water.

6) Clean the Nailpolish while your finger is in the water.

7) Get your finger out of it and get the sticky tape off.

8) Let it dry.

9) Add a Topcoat.


Apps to love

23/02/2013 18:53

Hi guys!

Today an article about Apps. I want to show you some nice Apps, so you can have fun. :) I'm always searching for new Apps, because when I'm bored I need something new and I'm 24/7 on my mobile so.... 

Of course this blog is mainly about fashion so... 3 nice fashion apps! 

Fashion Style

The Fashion Style app lets you enjoy the designs of world-famous designers featured on the catwalks at the New York, Paris, London, and Milan Fashion Weeks.The app supports offline storage, so you can collect and download pictures of your favorite fashion designs. Fashion Style also includes the works and products of nearly 600 designers and famous brands such as Gucci, Chloé,Celine, and Dolce & Gabbana for viewing right on your Android phone.

123dressme (Iphone, Ipad, Ipod)

           Take your closet with you wherever you go

·         Create endless combinations you never would have thought of anytime, anywhere

·         Share your outfits with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or email

·         Plan your outfits when traveling, special occasions or day to day life

·         Add tags to your clothes or outfits so you can categorise them

Filter your clothes and outfits by tags or live weather channel

For android instead of 123dressme: Stylish Girl

Stylish Girl is your ultimate style planner and shopping app -
revolving around the clothes in your closet and the clothes you love
to have.

ShopStyle Mobile

Bring together 300 retail stores and this app is what you get. Compare prices of clothes for men, women, kids, or even compare prices of furniture. I love the convenience of being able to shop by price, size, even color; definitely my favorite fashion app!

Magazines cover pages

22/02/2013 12:23

We all know some popular magazines like Cosmopolitan. Don't you sometimes think: How do they make that cover? or I also want to make such a nice cover! Actually I do. Today I'm gonna show you how to start and make one. First, some magazine covers for inspiration:

You can see they all look similar. Usually magazines start bij adding a background that has one colour. They do that so you can still read everything and people will look at he cover model. So, first step, a one colour background. I chose for a white one like the 3 here above. 

The 2nd step is to add the titel of the Magazine. Here for example COSMOPOLITAN. It should be a colour that is good seen on teh background. I chose a purple/pink logo so you eople could see it immediatly. Then it's time for the cover model. It can be a man, woman, baby, child, plant, car everything you like. The cover model has to make the magazine exciting to read. The model can overlap the logo but it don't have to. I chose to don't do that. 

Next, the 3th step is to add all the text you want on a cover. From the cover people have to get an idea what is written in it. It has to be attractive. To make it interesting you can change fonts and change the colours. Nothing is wrong!

The last step is to add the issue number and make the finishing off. You can add some pictures and maybe the price.

This is a 2 minutes made example just to show you how it works! Thanks for reading and have fun with experimenting! Maybe you have to do this for school... show your classmates how to do it easy!



New Look in BLUE

21/02/2013 11:15

We all want summer with no rain, nice wather and summer clothes! New Look has got very nice clothes in the theme 'BLUE'. I really wanted to show their clothes so.... Enjoy!


Purple Dip Hem Bandeau Dress    £9.99 

Blue Mesh Stripe Keyhole T-Shirt    £8.99

Blue Racer Back Oversize Vest    £4.99

Blue Scallop Edge Purse    £5.99

Blue Carved Rose Cluster Necklace    £3.99 (Buy 1 get 1 free!)




20/02/2013 19:04

Today I'm gonna show you some really wanted things that look pretty cute. I got them all except from the 'Guess Girl' from I found some stuff from this site on the internet and in magazines like 'Cosmo Girl' (Dutch Magazine) I tried to add as much information as I could find! 




Sweet Earphone Ice Cream pink For Ipod and MP player (Length 120 cm) At Silly. Chocolate calculator brown PVC 11 x 6 x 1cm Silly. Photo frame & white board All in One black plastic W. marker. Photo size: 8 x 8cm. L. 23cm, H. 18,5cm Silly. Wall Clock Paris Skyline MDF Set of 3, 35 x 35cm, Excl. 1AA batt., KarlssonPhoto frame Collection Box wood For 6 photos of: 3 pcs 10 x 15cm, 3 pcs 13 x 18cm PtGuess Girl parfum. To buy at many places. Wall clock Mirror Diamond w. pink hands D. 40cm. Excl. 1 AA batt. Wanted.

I Hope you've found this nice and maybe want to buy something? I really like the Earphones with an Ice cream design. You can also buy them as little CupCakes with Strawberries. They are cute as well. Have a look on go immediatly to the little earphones:



20/02/2013 11:31


Our first contest is online NOW!

What do you have to do? Send a selfmade picture to I does not matter what is on the picture. The 2 best ones I will post here on the front page so you can vote which one isthe best. The best one will be on the logo of all the pages. (Now the Indian girl) 

Everyone can join this contest and win. Your picture has to be bigger than 400x300 pixels. The picture had to be send before the 5th of March. Good luck everyone! 


18/02/2013 15:09


Hello guys,

As an introduction of this site we will start with showing some inspiration sources. There are a lot of sources like magazines and pages on the internet. People have even made their job out of photography. It's one of the most popular things on earth. Can you imagine how many pictures there are on Earth?  

For a background or profile picture people search for pictures usually on the internet. Nothing is easier and faster than surfing on the internet and easily find thousands of pictures! There are special sites where you can found for example Facebook cover photo's. Some popular ones:


Furthermore, you can fins on the internet whole pages with all sort of photo stuff on it. You can even share your favourite pictures! 2 Examples are and https://www. . Try it and find it out! 

Another source are the magazines. People read them, look for the pictures, think WOW and start experimenting. There are different things you can photograph. For instance, portraits, landscapes and animals. You can't be a fantastic photographer if you have made your first 100 pictures. It's all about experimenting and having the right equipment. That's the only reason why the pictures in magazines look gorgeous. There are special magazines were they teach you how to photograph and give tips.  

Welcome to our website

Here you will find all sort of different pictures and tips about photography. 

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